Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Been masking alot lately!!!!
Masks I've used in the past two weeks (in chronological order):

1 Benico Bulgarian Rose whitening mask (loves it)
1 Tibetan Saffron Fibrin Solution mask (which sucked balls btw. Worst mask EVER for dry and sensitive skin, I'd maybe use this once a month and not repurchase it)
1 Benico marine collagen moisturising mask
1 Dress Me Oil control&purifying mask
1 Dress Me Gigawhite mask(loves)
1 Dress Me Ginko whitening mask( Left this on my face for an hour because I fell asleep hehe. The essence absorbed 100% without stickiness unlike my Watson's masks! Loves!!!)
1 Dress Me Revitalising&Firming mask -- currently on my face.

7 masks!!!!! That's like every other day?? Omg I don't even remember using them so often. The only reason ive been using so many is because I want to try EVERY SINGLE ONE i bought (I got at least one of each of the 7 varieties of the Dress Me masks hahaha. 50% off while stocks last!!! ) so I'd know which to purchase again! 3 more to test before buying more heehee.
At this rate, my 24 remaining masks are only going to last me another 1-2 months max. MUST. STOP. SPENDING.

Edit: I've removed the firming Dressme mask from my face and let it dry and my skin looks so smooth!! And I don't remember seeing any silicones on the ingredients list. This is seriously amazing wtf. Can't wait to try the rest! The Ginko one was pretty good too actually! Might try getting from TSS instead of that Blogshop I got the masks from... Hopefully the expiry date wouldn't be in 2012 either *crosses fingers* Weeeeeee I hope I'll have good skin by the time I've masked regularly for a month.

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Quick update

Remember the SkinPerfect time essence serum I got in my mini haul?

I think it's like working some miraculous magic on my skin!!!!! My complexion has really improved in less than a week. My pores look more refined and no, it's not because it contains silicones. I'd be able to feel whether something feels silicony or not. Or it could also be the Dress Me masks I got in the same haul (I've used 2 of those this week).

Either way, one of them, or maybe both,must be doing some good to my skin because my pores have really shrunk and my face is so soooo smooth. The sad thing is that the skinperfect serum is like $150 or something for friggin 15ml and it's only available at some beauty spa place D: Sigh!!!!! Good thing those masks are 50% off though. I'm SO getting more of those.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

FOTD + EOS WBK-1 circle lens review

Before i start my review, here's a really bimbotic picture of me.

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Don't I look like freaking 13 years old here hahaha. Likes it!!!!! I'm ageing already so I really like it when I look young in photos heehee.

And a more normal looking one:

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Close up!
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- EOS WBK-1 14.8mm circle lenses
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner
- A champagne-coloured eyeshadow from my NYX Nude on Nude Natural-Lookig Kit on the inner corners of my eyes
- Daiso false lashes

- Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek in Peach Macaroon
- NYX powder blush in Angel (highlight)
- Nivea strawberry lipbalm
- Revlon ColourStay lipliner in Rose
- Lipice Water Colour in Kissy Pink
- NYX Round Lipgloss in Apricot.

I was wearing my faveeee grey dress with a black bow and my EOS WBK-1 lenses! They're 14.8mm and are REALLY comfy, no vision blockage at all unlike my stupid WBK-3 lenses which are also less comfy for some reason.

Comfort: 9/10 I'd say these are the most comfy pair of EOS lenses I own. They're so comfy that I got another pair as backup <3 loves.
Design: 10/10. Simple, blends into my eyes well and doesn't cause vision blockage :)
Enlargement: 10/10 perfect, but any larger and my eyes would look freaky! >.<

Overall: 9/10

I know this doesn't seem like a proper review but everyone knows that black enlarging contacts just make your eyes look bigger and the design on it doesn't really matter...For brown eyes at least! The design of these are pretty similar to Geo's CK-105 which I've used before.

Waiting for my super barbie lenses to arrive, cant wait heehee. I ordered sweet brown, sweet blue, Bambi grey and Bambi brown! My Geo Bambi's have been thrown away cuz they stopped being comfy after a few wears even though I DID clean them properly every time after I wore them. I'm never getting Geo lenses again, so angry! >:(

I'm still wondering whether to get more ifairy lenses or not because they're only $13 a pair but the Hanabi reds were too big even though my Ruby Reds were fine. I find it really irritating and stupid that they list the diameter as 16.2mm when it's obviously not??? Like how could such large lenses fit into ANYONE's eyes man. Sheesh, wish they'd just state the real diameter, I'm in such a dilemma now because of this stupid sizing issue.

Okay, anyway that's all for now, my stomach is itching like mad.
Bye dolls!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Circle Lens Review: i.Fairy Hanabi Red 16.2mm

Just a short review of the ifairy Hanabi red lenses which I got in April but never really got down to reviewing. :3

I'm gonna keep this post short because I'm swamped with assignments T.T

Without further ado!

The Vials.
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Direct sunlight

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I'm ready for my close up~~!
>.< sorry, couldn't help myself hehehe. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Indoor Lighting
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Stock picture

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Comfort 7/10. I wore these for 8 hours with barely any dryness but somehow the back of my eyeballs felt very slightly sore-ish from the very start? Almost as if the lenses were too big and were cutting the insides of my eye or something. Maybe they were too big -- my eyes are pretty small. That scared me a little. If your eyes aren't small, it should be fine ^_^
Design 9/10 It blends well with brown eyes and the red isn't too glaring. Loves it
Enlargement 10/10, these are huuuuge but I really adore the way they make my eyes look! Like really big and dolly hehe.
My friends either loved it or got really creeped out :3
Wearability 5/10. They're not so terribly red that you can't wear them with anything but cosplay stuff, but they're also not un-red enough to wear with anything! Choose your outfit colours wisely! MUST have eye makeup with this.
Overall 7/10. Reason being the fact that it makes my eyes feel weird:( Which is a pity because I really love this lens design AND it's not drying. Le sigh~

Oh and before I forget, here's what I wore today with my hanabi reds :3

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That's all for now,
hope you enjoyed this review~


Monday, 7 November 2011

Oh Blubber

You might have noticed that some of the images in my past few posts are watermarked with
Well, it's actually another blog of mine. I was actually using wordpress for a while but decided to return to Blogger,
so I just shifted everything over here :]

Reason I went over to wordpress for a while was because it was WAY easier to blog on the go using the Wordpress iPhone app. But my blogger template looks nicer and I'm a total html noob so I decided to move back.

I've privatised the ohblubber posts for the time-being though.

Blogger should reeeaaally come out with an app to make on-the-go blogging more convenient :(
Right now, all the pictures end up at the end of the post and it's difficult to do text formatting. Gah!
Anyway I gotta go downstairs for dinner, so that's all for now!

Bye lovess~ :3

Mask Review: Tibetan Saffron Fibroin Solution Mask

I'm here with another mask review again!
This time, it's the Tibetan Fibroin Solution mask which I bought from here after reading pxdkitty's review.
I bought 5 so I paid an average of $3.70 per mask including registered postage.

Picture of item (taken from seller's blog):


Looks exactly the same as the actual thing;) & this is the package I received.


Opening it up! *peeks inside*






PRODUCT CLAIMS(taken from manufacturer's website)

Effects whitening,lightening,nourishing
Main ingredients red wine essence, moisturizing factor, glycerol
Usage after washing the face, take out a piece of mask from the bag and spread it on the face, pat gently to let it be touched more tightly.
Peel the mask off after 15 - 20 minutes. It is suggested to use it once per day for two weeks as a period of treatment, and then persist in
using it two or three times per week.

The actual packet I received states that the main ingredients are Tibetan Saffron, Fibroin enzyme, honey, fruit acid, salicylic acid, honeysuckle and etc.
The instructions were in Chinese, luckily my sister helped me read some of the words! My Chinese is really really bad lol.

✦ My first thoughts when I read the ingredients were like, where's the hyaluronic acid and arbutin/hydroquinine/other well-known whitening goodies??? Looking at the main ingredients, which are mostly acidic agents, it seems that this mask is more of a purifying and exfoliating mask rather than a whitening one. It does give a whitening effect though, but more on that later. ✦

1) The mask felt ULTRA MINTY AND COLD when I put it on my face! Seriously, it was like ice because I keep my masks in the fridge and I didn't know it was going to be so minty! I quite liked it though. So if you like your masks refreshing and invigorating, you'll probably want to try this out ;)

2) The only thing is that it's supposed to suitable for all skin types, but stung terribly when the essence came into contact with the eczema patch on the side of my face! Unlike all of the other sheet masks I've used before, which soothed the dry patch instead of further irritating it. Which is why I decided that this is probably more of a purifying mask and that's why the instructions tell you to wash it off instead of leaving it on the skin.

3) I removed it after 20 minutes and massaged the remaining essence on my face but gave up after 5 minutes because it refused to absorb -.-!!

4) After washing it off, my face felt super squeaky clean and looked visibly fairer after patting it dry with a towel.
HOWEVER, I'd attribute this fairness to the mask's purifying abilities rather than actual whitening properties, i.e. It thoroughly removes the sebum on our faces that causes our skin to look yellowish sometimes, thus making our face look fairer after usage.

✦ Because my skin type is easily dehydrated+combination+sensitive, I actually layered 3 serums and 3 moisturizers over an alcohol-free toner and my SKII after washing off this mask because my face felt tight and a little bit too clean. Hmmm... Maybe I shouldn't have left the mask on for so long. :S ✦

For regular use, mask is probably more suitable more for people with oilier, acne-prone and non-sensitive skin types. It is a very good purifying mask though, so perhaps people with drier skin could use it once or twice a fortnight, using other hydrating masks in between.

Price: $4 each, 3 for $10 from
Fit: 8/10. It's easy to adjust but I felt it was a little bit ok small to cover some corners of my face after pulling it inwards and folding it to cover my bulbous nose better. No biggie though!
Moisturization: 1/10 Doesn't hydrate all that much. This is more of a purifying mask ^^
Purifying effect: 8/10. While my clogged pores were still present, they looked smaller and the mask helped to draw out a pimple on my chin which had been hiding its ugly little pus-filled head under my skin for ages. ^^
Cooling sensation: 8/10, it was very minty and refreshing but I'm taking two points off because it stung me!
Whitening effect: 4/10. It doesn't truly make the skin fairer.
Repurchase: Probably not. It's not a bad mask, but definitely not worth $4 a pop for me since I prefer hydrating masks. If I had oilier skin, maybe.
Overall rating: 5/10. I was quite disappointed in this mask because I had such high hopes for it, but it just didn't work out as well for me I guess.

I'm going to try the Dress Me masks after tomorrow, hope they're good!

And I seriously need to STOP buying contact lenses and makeup. My bank account's been emptying itself out rapidly:( I'm already spending so much on my school's stupid expensive snacks and textbooks but I still keep buying stuff online. Oh wells....

Hope this review was useful!
till next time ~ ^_^

Sunday, 6 November 2011


I'm spamming Nixoderm on my face now as recommended by PXDKITTY !



Hoping it'll clear my clogged pores and that stupid pimple on my chin. Hopefully my milia too (Milia are deep oil seeds that can't be extracted on your own. Only by beauticians or doctors because it involves piercing the skin. Mine are on the tops of my cheekbones D: ).

It's hard to rub it into the skin because its texture is like a rough paste, so I just dot it over my face and tap it in with my little finger. It leaves a very obvious white cast so please don't use it if you're planning to go out!

Feels...minty so far. Call me weird but I really like the sulphury smell heh heh.
Let's see how it performs :D

P.S. I used it on my nose yesterday and I must say, it seems to clear out blackheads and make them easier to extract. Milia be gone! Fingers crossed...

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mask Review: Benico Bulgarian Rose (Whitening) 3D mask + How to enhance a mask's effectiveness

This is my review of the Benico 3D whitening mask! Just a disclaimer -- I bought this mask with my own money and am not paid by ANYONE to do this review. So rest assured that whatever I say about the product is my 100% honest opinion ^^

The mask I used is the green one :)


Okay, now it's time to brace yourself for my ugly makeupless face.


Tada! Check out my uneven skintone, eyebags, bumps and open pores. All this despite half of my face being shrouded in darkness... can you imagine what it looks like irl? Disgusting, I know, haha. Anyway, here's how the mask looks on my face.


Okay I look really creepy here despite my failed attempts at trying to change the lighting it to make it look nicer:(
It fits quite well! ^^ it's big enough to go under the chin as well and you can actually walk around without it falling off your face. I would recommend lying down though, so the mask essence sinks into your skin and won't just drip downwards.

I've read other reviews and some people are saying it's too big and has this weird folded part running down the middle of the mask. Well, I think that's actually for you to adjust the mask to your face. For instance, if the nose flap is too large, you just pull the folded part away from your face and sort of..stick it together? I dunno how to describe it! But even if a mask is non-adjustable, it usually doesn't cover the area around my nose so I pull the middle of the mask to make it smaller, and flatten the excess mask sheet on my face.. Geddit? I'm really bad at explaining stuff haha. Anyway you can take a look at the picture above and hopefully it'd give you some idea of how I did it!

Also, remember to make sure there are as few air bubbles as possible by pressing them out the same way you would when trying to get rid of air bubbles when laminating book covers..with your fingers of course. It's really important! If there are bubbles of air, you might as well not apply a mask at all because the mask won't even be in contact with your precious face. But don't press TOO hard, you don't want to squeeze all the essence away!

K enough with the rambling!
I left it on my face for a good 20 minutes. And here's the result:


HAHA so drippy right! Please excuse my brown eyelids thx, idk why they look so gross and extra brown here. But my skin is visibly MUCH brighter, plumper and less red and irritated. Thumbs up! It left a really refreshing minty sensation on my face, not too tingly though -- just perfect.
And the reason why it looks so wet and gross is because I actually squeezed out the mask essence after I was done and rubbed it all over my face and neck, instead of patting it into my skin.

I really don't understand how people have the patience to tap the essence into their skin??? Like omg it gets so friggin sticky and I can just stand there tapping my face forever and it won't get absorbed wtf, it just gets really stringy and gross. And I want the essence to stay on my FACE not my fingers tyvm. So I usually just at my face for a while to press the goodness into my skin while the essence is still drippy and then I'd wait for it to dry up and apply my serum, cream and moisturiser over it to seal in the moisture and nutrients.

Price: $2.90 at SASA stores
Fit: 5/5, I'd say this mask has the best fit out of all the masks I've ever tried.
Moisturization: 10/10
Cooling sensation: 9/10, really refreshing and the cooling effect lingers on even after removing the mask and rubbing in moisturiser! ^^
Whitening effect: 9/10 There was a very visible difference but I think it's temporary, like most masks, unless you use it regularly. Can't expect overnight results right? :S
Repurchase: Yes!
Overall rating: 9/10

And here's a picture of me with makeup in case you forget how I look with makeup on after seeing my scary bare face :x


Dress Me mask review, NYX round lipgloss swatches.

That's all for now!
Hope you enjoyed the review~^^

Mini Haul

Got my Dress Me masks in the mail a few days back! I bought at least one of each type ^^ (3 boxes are whitening/firming, and the 4 loose pieces are of the clarifying/moisturising/smoothening/purifying variety).


Product claims:


Along with my package from The Sample Storewhich contained Lustre's All U Need cream, SkinPerfect Time Essence Serum, and 2 Benico 3D masks :3



I've tried the Benico Bulgarian Rose whitening mask and it's REALLY GOOD. Shall post a review very soon :)

The essence and creams haven't broken me out yet, thank goodness! My skin's really sensitive. I've also tried the purifying Dress Me mask and will post a review soon.

I also received my Tibetan Saffron Fibroin Solution Masks which are supposed to be really really effective for whitening!
More on this mask in another post^^

Gonna write the Benico mask review now. :)

Monday, 24 October 2011

Review + Lip Swatch: Mentholatum Lipice Water Colour in 03 Kissy Pink

So today's review is gonna be on Mentholatum's Lipice Water Colour in Kissy Pink. I bought it about 2 months back for $5.90 at...Watsons, I think? Or some random beauty store hahah, can't really remember :) here's what the packaging looks like:


It's supposed to contain hyaluronic acid, ceramides and some other moisturizing stuff. However, do note that it is NOT comparable to a lip balm in terms of moisturization.

It looks shockingly coral-red in the tube but on the lips --

20111025-002712.jpg gives a gorgeously natural, healthy wash of colour. Mind you, I did layer it over my Maybelline Babylips lipbalm (menthol) because my lips tend to dry out easily, so that might have sheered it out a bit. Wear-wise, the colour stayed put for at least 5 hours over a lipbalm. I imagine it'd stay on much longer without a balm though.

Here's a before and after comparison of my lips. I'm wearing a transparent lipbalm(Maybelline Babylips) in the naked lip pic.


Colour: 10/10
Moisturization: 6/10 (I wouldn't wear this without a lipbalm underneath)
Finish: Semi-glossy, does not emphasize fine lines.
Staying power: 8/10, this is pretty darn good for a tinted lipbalm.
Price: SGD5.90
Repurchase: Definitely, this is my new favourite lip colour!! *tosses NYX Round Lipgloss away*


Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lenses + Dollywink lashes

Finally received my Dollywink lower eyelashes in 06 Baby Cute, along with my EOS lenses!! (Max pure brown and candy magic blue). Soooo in love with the lashes <3



Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Regular Makeup

Decided to do a post to complain about my makeup because I just realized my makeup routine is really rather boring.

1) My base is always bbcream (spf45 PA+++ Elishacoy Gold Mineral BB!LUVV) and concealer
sunblock + primer on my t-zone + concealer

2) I always use the same glittery black eyeliner because I suck at blending eyeshadows and I'm absolutely terrified that my eyelids will turn brown

3) I don't use mascara too often because I'm afraid my lashes will drop or get really brittle and sparse

4)I seldom use blusher because I the last time i attempted to use it, I ended up glowing positively peony. And we all know how hard it is to rub blusher away, short of spamming pressed powder over it which would end up making your face look really cakey!
I really don't fancy washing off all my makeup and start my skincare routine over, waste my precious SKII please! Not rich okay!
Am attempting to master the art of applying blusher now though.

5) LIPSTICK, OMG I hate lipstick. Not moisturizing at all and looks so fake! AND IT TURNS LIPS BROWN, YUCK. I guess it suits some people but I can't wear lipstick, it makes me look about 40 years old.

5) Falsies. I have at least 30 pairs (Dollywink, Eyemazing, Daiso and some random brands) and I HARDLY WEAR THEM because I'm scared that they'll cause droopy eyelids in the future. But I still keep buying them for some reason. (Hint: The reason starts with Tsubasa and ends with Masuwaka). I just buy them, try them on when I'm home and keep them in a box, never to be worn again:(

Boring right! I think I damn kiasi la, everything also scared then never use zzz.

So here's a pic of the makeup I usually use:

L-R(Clockwise from flowers)
- Maybelline Pure Minerals concealers in 01 and 02
- Prime Time by Bare Escentuals
- Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Macaroon Pink (newly introduced into my makeup routine!)
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner -- inner eyes
- Daiso Eyebrow Pencil (light brown)
- NYX Round Lipgloss in RLG04 Golden Red
- Maybelline Babylips lipbalm
- Maybelline Hypershine Diamonds Liquid eyeliner (Black)
- Lancome Poudre Majeure Excellence loose powder in 01 Translucide


And the foundation I sometimes use to even out my cheeks -- Lanome Teint Miracle in PO 03, courtesy of my mum <3

Need to be more adventurous with make while I'm still below 21 years old haha.

okay thats all, 6 hours left to school, sigh!
Bye loves xx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Sunplay SPF130 PA+++ Face & Body

Received my travel-sized SPF 130 PA+++ Sunplay today! It's SO important to have +++ behind cuz the more +'s there are, the higher the UVA protection. If I'm not wrong, UVA rays are the root cause of premature aging and wrinkles due to sun exposure. UVB is the one that makes people turn brown haha. Pics!



Can't wait to try this out :D

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Review: Geo Princess Mimi WMM-304 / Bambi Series Chocolate Brown

Notice the slight halo!

Full face

Comfort: 7/10 (They're really comfy at first but after a few wears, they get dry more quickly :[ )
Design: 10/10 Prettiest lenses ever~~
Enlargement: 10/10 despite being 3-toned. Remember to wear these with makeup or your eyes might end up looking watery and weird ^^

That's all for now, bye! ^_^

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Review: Geo Princess Mimi/Bambi Series WMM-305 Sesame Grey


Review time!

Design: 10/10 what's not to love? Colour is extremely vibrant. Doesn't show well in my pics because I'm using a shitty iPhone camera but it's really obvious IRL. Love love lovin the pretty yellow part in the middle too, it really makes my eyes pop!
Enlargement: 10/10, so make sure you wear enough eye makeup to go along with these or you'll look watery/bug-eyed and quite scary ~.~
 I can honestly say these are the most enlarging lenses I have. And the prettiest too (Though this could very well change when I try on my chocolate brown ones. Or the Apple Green which I plan to get ASAP *grabby grabby hands* )
Comfort:9/10 They're really comfortable! I soaked them in solution for about 6 hours and the moment I inserted them, I could barely feel them in my eye. This is an extremely rare occurrence for me, just ask any of my friends how many times I blink and complain that my eyes are dry in a day! These lenses were really thin. They do seem thinner than my super angel greys, and definitely more comfy. I wore them for 8 hours without eyedrops and I didn't feel an urgent need to remove them the moment I got home.

I leave you with a full-face shot.

Please excuse the patchy and messy makeup, I'd just gotten back from a really long day at school and it was raining on the way home >.<

Coming up next - Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion, Geo Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown and swatches of my haul :)

Rachel xx