Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mini Haul

Got my Dress Me masks in the mail a few days back! I bought at least one of each type ^^ (3 boxes are whitening/firming, and the 4 loose pieces are of the clarifying/moisturising/smoothening/purifying variety).


Product claims:


Along with my package from The Sample Storewhich contained Lustre's All U Need cream, SkinPerfect Time Essence Serum, and 2 Benico 3D masks :3



I've tried the Benico Bulgarian Rose whitening mask and it's REALLY GOOD. Shall post a review very soon :)

The essence and creams haven't broken me out yet, thank goodness! My skin's really sensitive. I've also tried the purifying Dress Me mask and will post a review soon.

I also received my Tibetan Saffron Fibroin Solution Masks which are supposed to be really really effective for whitening!
More on this mask in another post^^

Gonna write the Benico mask review now. :)

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