Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Quick update

Remember the SkinPerfect time essence serum I got in my mini haul?

I think it's like working some miraculous magic on my skin!!!!! My complexion has really improved in less than a week. My pores look more refined and no, it's not because it contains silicones. I'd be able to feel whether something feels silicony or not. Or it could also be the Dress Me masks I got in the same haul (I've used 2 of those this week).

Either way, one of them, or maybe both,must be doing some good to my skin because my pores have really shrunk and my face is so soooo smooth. The sad thing is that the skinperfect serum is like $150 or something for friggin 15ml and it's only available at some beauty spa place D: Sigh!!!!! Good thing those masks are 50% off though. I'm SO getting more of those.

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