Wednesday, 16 November 2011


Been masking alot lately!!!!
Masks I've used in the past two weeks (in chronological order):

1 Benico Bulgarian Rose whitening mask (loves it)
1 Tibetan Saffron Fibrin Solution mask (which sucked balls btw. Worst mask EVER for dry and sensitive skin, I'd maybe use this once a month and not repurchase it)
1 Benico marine collagen moisturising mask
1 Dress Me Oil control&purifying mask
1 Dress Me Gigawhite mask(loves)
1 Dress Me Ginko whitening mask( Left this on my face for an hour because I fell asleep hehe. The essence absorbed 100% without stickiness unlike my Watson's masks! Loves!!!)
1 Dress Me Revitalising&Firming mask -- currently on my face.

7 masks!!!!! That's like every other day?? Omg I don't even remember using them so often. The only reason ive been using so many is because I want to try EVERY SINGLE ONE i bought (I got at least one of each of the 7 varieties of the Dress Me masks hahaha. 50% off while stocks last!!! ) so I'd know which to purchase again! 3 more to test before buying more heehee.
At this rate, my 24 remaining masks are only going to last me another 1-2 months max. MUST. STOP. SPENDING.

Edit: I've removed the firming Dressme mask from my face and let it dry and my skin looks so smooth!! And I don't remember seeing any silicones on the ingredients list. This is seriously amazing wtf. Can't wait to try the rest! The Ginko one was pretty good too actually! Might try getting from TSS instead of that Blogshop I got the masks from... Hopefully the expiry date wouldn't be in 2012 either *crosses fingers* Weeeeeee I hope I'll have good skin by the time I've masked regularly for a month.

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