Monday, 7 November 2011

Mask Review: Tibetan Saffron Fibroin Solution Mask

I'm here with another mask review again!
This time, it's the Tibetan Fibroin Solution mask which I bought from here after reading pxdkitty's review.
I bought 5 so I paid an average of $3.70 per mask including registered postage.

Picture of item (taken from seller's blog):


Looks exactly the same as the actual thing;) & this is the package I received.


Opening it up! *peeks inside*






PRODUCT CLAIMS(taken from manufacturer's website)

Effects whitening,lightening,nourishing
Main ingredients red wine essence, moisturizing factor, glycerol
Usage after washing the face, take out a piece of mask from the bag and spread it on the face, pat gently to let it be touched more tightly.
Peel the mask off after 15 - 20 minutes. It is suggested to use it once per day for two weeks as a period of treatment, and then persist in
using it two or three times per week.

The actual packet I received states that the main ingredients are Tibetan Saffron, Fibroin enzyme, honey, fruit acid, salicylic acid, honeysuckle and etc.
The instructions were in Chinese, luckily my sister helped me read some of the words! My Chinese is really really bad lol.

✦ My first thoughts when I read the ingredients were like, where's the hyaluronic acid and arbutin/hydroquinine/other well-known whitening goodies??? Looking at the main ingredients, which are mostly acidic agents, it seems that this mask is more of a purifying and exfoliating mask rather than a whitening one. It does give a whitening effect though, but more on that later. ✦

1) The mask felt ULTRA MINTY AND COLD when I put it on my face! Seriously, it was like ice because I keep my masks in the fridge and I didn't know it was going to be so minty! I quite liked it though. So if you like your masks refreshing and invigorating, you'll probably want to try this out ;)

2) The only thing is that it's supposed to suitable for all skin types, but stung terribly when the essence came into contact with the eczema patch on the side of my face! Unlike all of the other sheet masks I've used before, which soothed the dry patch instead of further irritating it. Which is why I decided that this is probably more of a purifying mask and that's why the instructions tell you to wash it off instead of leaving it on the skin.

3) I removed it after 20 minutes and massaged the remaining essence on my face but gave up after 5 minutes because it refused to absorb -.-!!

4) After washing it off, my face felt super squeaky clean and looked visibly fairer after patting it dry with a towel.
HOWEVER, I'd attribute this fairness to the mask's purifying abilities rather than actual whitening properties, i.e. It thoroughly removes the sebum on our faces that causes our skin to look yellowish sometimes, thus making our face look fairer after usage.

✦ Because my skin type is easily dehydrated+combination+sensitive, I actually layered 3 serums and 3 moisturizers over an alcohol-free toner and my SKII after washing off this mask because my face felt tight and a little bit too clean. Hmmm... Maybe I shouldn't have left the mask on for so long. :S ✦

For regular use, mask is probably more suitable more for people with oilier, acne-prone and non-sensitive skin types. It is a very good purifying mask though, so perhaps people with drier skin could use it once or twice a fortnight, using other hydrating masks in between.

Price: $4 each, 3 for $10 from
Fit: 8/10. It's easy to adjust but I felt it was a little bit ok small to cover some corners of my face after pulling it inwards and folding it to cover my bulbous nose better. No biggie though!
Moisturization: 1/10 Doesn't hydrate all that much. This is more of a purifying mask ^^
Purifying effect: 8/10. While my clogged pores were still present, they looked smaller and the mask helped to draw out a pimple on my chin which had been hiding its ugly little pus-filled head under my skin for ages. ^^
Cooling sensation: 8/10, it was very minty and refreshing but I'm taking two points off because it stung me!
Whitening effect: 4/10. It doesn't truly make the skin fairer.
Repurchase: Probably not. It's not a bad mask, but definitely not worth $4 a pop for me since I prefer hydrating masks. If I had oilier skin, maybe.
Overall rating: 5/10. I was quite disappointed in this mask because I had such high hopes for it, but it just didn't work out as well for me I guess.

I'm going to try the Dress Me masks after tomorrow, hope they're good!

And I seriously need to STOP buying contact lenses and makeup. My bank account's been emptying itself out rapidly:( I'm already spending so much on my school's stupid expensive snacks and textbooks but I still keep buying stuff online. Oh wells....

Hope this review was useful!
till next time ~ ^_^

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