Monday, 7 November 2011

Oh Blubber

You might have noticed that some of the images in my past few posts are watermarked with
Well, it's actually another blog of mine. I was actually using wordpress for a while but decided to return to Blogger,
so I just shifted everything over here :]

Reason I went over to wordpress for a while was because it was WAY easier to blog on the go using the Wordpress iPhone app. But my blogger template looks nicer and I'm a total html noob so I decided to move back.

I've privatised the ohblubber posts for the time-being though.

Blogger should reeeaaally come out with an app to make on-the-go blogging more convenient :(
Right now, all the pictures end up at the end of the post and it's difficult to do text formatting. Gah!
Anyway I gotta go downstairs for dinner, so that's all for now!

Bye lovess~ :3

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