Sunday, 6 November 2011


I'm spamming Nixoderm on my face now as recommended by PXDKITTY !



Hoping it'll clear my clogged pores and that stupid pimple on my chin. Hopefully my milia too (Milia are deep oil seeds that can't be extracted on your own. Only by beauticians or doctors because it involves piercing the skin. Mine are on the tops of my cheekbones D: ).

It's hard to rub it into the skin because its texture is like a rough paste, so I just dot it over my face and tap it in with my little finger. It leaves a very obvious white cast so please don't use it if you're planning to go out!

Feels...minty so far. Call me weird but I really like the sulphury smell heh heh.
Let's see how it performs :D

P.S. I used it on my nose yesterday and I must say, it seems to clear out blackheads and make them easier to extract. Milia be gone! Fingers crossed...

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