Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Regular Makeup

Decided to do a post to complain about my makeup because I just realized my makeup routine is really rather boring.

1) My base is always bbcream (spf45 PA+++ Elishacoy Gold Mineral BB!LUVV) and concealer
sunblock + primer on my t-zone + concealer

2) I always use the same glittery black eyeliner because I suck at blending eyeshadows and I'm absolutely terrified that my eyelids will turn brown

3) I don't use mascara too often because I'm afraid my lashes will drop or get really brittle and sparse

4)I seldom use blusher because I the last time i attempted to use it, I ended up glowing positively peony. And we all know how hard it is to rub blusher away, short of spamming pressed powder over it which would end up making your face look really cakey!
I really don't fancy washing off all my makeup and start my skincare routine over, waste my precious SKII please! Not rich okay!
Am attempting to master the art of applying blusher now though.

5) LIPSTICK, OMG I hate lipstick. Not moisturizing at all and looks so fake! AND IT TURNS LIPS BROWN, YUCK. I guess it suits some people but I can't wear lipstick, it makes me look about 40 years old.

5) Falsies. I have at least 30 pairs (Dollywink, Eyemazing, Daiso and some random brands) and I HARDLY WEAR THEM because I'm scared that they'll cause droopy eyelids in the future. But I still keep buying them for some reason. (Hint: The reason starts with Tsubasa and ends with Masuwaka). I just buy them, try them on when I'm home and keep them in a box, never to be worn again:(

Boring right! I think I damn kiasi la, everything also scared then never use zzz.

So here's a pic of the makeup I usually use:

L-R(Clockwise from flowers)
- Maybelline Pure Minerals concealers in 01 and 02
- Prime Time by Bare Escentuals
- Majolica Majorca Puff De Cheek in Macaroon Pink (newly introduced into my makeup routine!)
- Dollywink Liquid Eyeliner -- inner eyes
- Daiso Eyebrow Pencil (light brown)
- NYX Round Lipgloss in RLG04 Golden Red
- Maybelline Babylips lipbalm
- Maybelline Hypershine Diamonds Liquid eyeliner (Black)
- Lancome Poudre Majeure Excellence loose powder in 01 Translucide


And the foundation I sometimes use to even out my cheeks -- Lanome Teint Miracle in PO 03, courtesy of my mum <3

Need to be more adventurous with make while I'm still below 21 years old haha.

okay thats all, 6 hours left to school, sigh!
Bye loves xx

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