Thursday, 21 April 2011

Review: Geo Princess Mimi WMM-304 / Bambi Series Chocolate Brown

Notice the slight halo!

Full face

Comfort: 7/10 (They're really comfy at first but after a few wears, they get dry more quickly :[ )
Design: 10/10 Prettiest lenses ever~~
Enlargement: 10/10 despite being 3-toned. Remember to wear these with makeup or your eyes might end up looking watery and weird ^^

That's all for now, bye! ^_^


  1. Wow--- the colour goes with your lovely, chocolate-toned hair as well! <33 Very pretty~.

    Oh, and your images didn't come up in your blog: only the images' URL. (Remember, on blogger, unless you're writing the coding for your post specifically, you don't need tags around your image: you just click the 'add image' button and then put the URL there and the image will show up. ;] )

  2. Hey Noxin, thanks for pointing that out to me!
    I've corrected it ^_^
    Loving your Moe Moe brown lenses!!