Sunday, 3 April 2011

Can't wait can't wait can't wait

I can't wait for my Geo Princess Mimi's to arrive!!!!! April 5th seems soooo far away even though it's tomorrow. And I want my iFairy ruby+hanabi reds and EOS dollyeyes and adult red too but I'll have to wait for like another 2-4 weeks arghhh. I'm more excited about the Geos though!

Anyway, EOS has launched a Bambi series lookalike except that degrees are available from 0~1000! Geo's Princess Mimi's are only available from 0-600, and most places in Singapore are only selling the green in Plano. I only saw powered green ones over at honeycolor and eyecandylenses, which have such ripoff prices so I refuse to buy from them. And apparently, the Princess Mimi Almonds are actually 14.8mm and not 15mm as advertised. This is because the series is called XMM and designs that start with an X are 14.8mm. If it were 15mm it'd start with a W, wouldn't it? But 0.2mm, what big difference would it make? I mean, just look at your ruler, 1mm is already so small! 0.2mm is like...negligible. I wish the contact lens manufacturers would produce their new designs in 14mm. Bigger ain't always better, not everyone's eyes are so huge.....anyway I need to continue working on bloody PBF essays now!

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